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..close our eyes, pretend to fly..

5 September 1982
Hey! This is friends-only, but I'll add you as long as I don't know you in real life. :-P
3 car garage, 3cg, 3cg records, 7th heaven, abc family, aim, all-american rejects, american history x, australia, australian idol, baltimore, baltimore orioles, blink 182, blue, blueberries, bmx, boating, boats, books, boomerang, bradley cooper, butterflies, camping, can't hardly wait, carebears, chocolate, computers, connecticut, csc, csi, dicko, disney, dolphins, dorks, driving, dvds, edward norton, empire records, environment, er, ethan embry, everwood, family guy, fight club, finding nemo, fishing, fremantle, freo, friends, full house, geocaching, getting mail, gilmore girls, girl scouts, good charlotte, grammar, guy sebastian, hanson, hansonforums.net, hiking, html, ike hanson, instant messages, isaac hanson, jack & bobby, jack and bobby, jet, john carter, john hampson, license plates, listening to music, live from albertane, love, making lists, math, medicare, middle of nowhere, millsy, mtv, mulan, murdoch, music, my husband, new zealand natural, nine days, noah wyle, numbers, office supplies, one tree hill, organizing, organizing stuff, part d, passwords, pepsi, perth, phone calls, quizno's, reading, recycling, rob mills, rottnest island, ryan, schedules, scuba, scuba diving, shannon noll, sharpies, simple plan, skateboarding, skateboards, snowed in, south park, southwest airlines, spelling, spring, sr-71, staples, sum 41, sweeney todd, swimming, tay hanson, taylor hanson, the ataris, the calling, the simpsons, the wb, third eye blind, this time around, thunderstorms, tornadoes, underneath, vegemite, vs. the earth, wb, weather, zac hanson, zachary hanson